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How to Save 10%, 30%, or Even an AMAZING 90% on Just About Anything By Buying at Police Auctions

All over Britain there are hundreds of little known and unpublicised Police Auctions being held on behalf of Courts, HMRC, Bailiffs and of course, the Police. A vast range of items, property and transport often with NO RESERVE, and even YOU can attend! These venues are stacked with confiscated, seized & lost & found lots that seem so cheap you would be forgiven for thinking that it's just 'TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE' … READ ON!

Search, Save & Compare Stunning Bargains at Police Auction

TOTAL coverage of ALL Police Auctions, Police Agencies, Court Seizures & Bailiff disposal sales across Britain now. Listings of ALL the stock daily with comprehensive details of auctioneers used to dispose of Police lost & found, stolen & recovered merchandise across the UK.

Police Auctions & Court Seizures of Stolen & Recovered, Confiscated, Lost & Found & Unclaimed Items, Offloaded at Auction.

Find FULL coverage of daily sales across the UK and listings of Police Auctions, Police Agencies, Court Seizures & Bailiff disposal sales across the country now. Police Auctions UK list ALL the auction lots daily with comprehensive details of contracted auctioneers who dispose of Police lost & found, stolen & recovered merchandise across Britain.

Police Auctions UK

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Police Auctions … Get up to an Incredible 90% Off Seized or Stolen & Recovered Cars, Vans, Property, Computers, LCDs, Plasma TVs, Cameras, Videos, Mobile Phones, Antiques…

Almost Anything You Can Imagine!

At the Police Auctions UK website you’ll find the largest police auction sales database of its kind anywhere in Britain (GUARANTEED)…

Why pay retail for anything again! Read on…


Police Auctions – Ministry of Defence Agents – Car Auctions – Department of Transport Auctions – Liquidation Sales – Property Auctions – Bankrupt Stock Sales – Antique Auctions – Customs and Excise Sales – Computer Auctions – Digital and Audio Visual Equipment Auctions…

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So … Where do the Police Sell off Stolen Recovered and Seized Goods? Incredible Police Auction Secrets … What, Why, Where and When all the Police auction stock is sold … Mostly UNRESERVED!


Enquiries come pouring into our mail boxes at Police Auctions UK every week from from a whole mix of people who are interested in what’s being sold at Police & General Auctions across the country, people just like you…

Police, Court, Bailiff, HMRC Seized Goods

Police, Court, Bailiff, HMRC Seized Goods

Backed by the powerful gauk Auctions search engine we’ll help ensure you discover exactly what’s being sold at those sales with pictures, times dates etc.

Welcome to Police Auctions UK™ website.

The Police Auctions UK™ database is massive (we started way back in 1995). Although companies have tried, nothing comes close to the quality and quantity of information we provide. That’s why we’ve been at the very top of every major search engine for the last five years…

Search The UK’s Largest, Most Comprehensive, Police Auction Database

The police auctions can be searched by keyword if you’re looking for something specific, eg ‘plasma TVs’. The auction events are organised into a simple click and search calendar so you can find when items are being sold. Or if you can only attend sales on a particular date, say the weekend then filter all sales on a particular date, or an auction of a defined type, county or town.

The great news is that we don’t just list police auctions. There are well over 1,500 auctioneers of a variety of categories listed, that’s literally thousands of auctions a month. To put this in perspective Yellow Pages list less than 100 auctioneers for the whole of the UK and ZERO auctions!

But that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg … read on to see all the features available to members…

Powerful Search, Save and Compare Engine

The database features thousands auctions a month – times and dates, with links to catalogues, auctioneer information, all the auctioneers facilities, how to get there, we even give you Google street maps so you’re never lost. We list viewing times and contact information (e-mail them directly from PAUK), Then we provide links to the auctioneers’ sites…

Specific Auction Lot Search

If you’re looking for property, cars, seized items, bankruptcy liquidations or even computers, then simply type this into the gauk Auctions search facility and those auctions dealing with those items will appear

Auction Event Calendar

If you want to find events on a specific date simply use the auction event calendar to display all auctions on that day

Latest Auction News & Archive

The ‘Latest News’ Section is where people hear about the latest ‘Stop Press’ events as soon as we do. We have articles going back a number of years enabling you to search through an extensive archive.

Email Auctioneers

You are able to e-mail all auctioneers of a specific category with your requirements.

If you’ve searched and can’t find a product then simply choose a set of auctioneers who are most likely to deal with your requirement then post a polite mail to them. Depending on the category you may e-mail over 100 auctioneers at the click of a mouse

The database is Updated By Auctioneers

The exciting innovation introduced by Police Auctions UK™ is that auctioneers from across Britain have access to their listings and can their latest catalogues ensuring you get up-to-the-minute information.

FEATURED Police Auctions

We list all auctioneers across England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales dealing in Police seized or lost and found items from a myriad of Police departments – There are literally hundreds of auctions a month

FEATURED Government Auctions

We list the Government agencies. Those organisations appointed to dispose of Government auction lots

FEATURED Police Auctioneers

Stolen & recovered goods, lost & found to ex police vehicles. We list police authorities across Britain and the auctioneers used to dispose of goods, simply choose the ‘police’ category

FEATURED Specialist Sales

The gauk Auctions search lists hundreds of categories: Police Auctions – Police Auctions – Car Auctions – Liquidation Sales – Property Auctioneers – Bankrupt Stock Sales – Antique Auctions – Customs and Excise Sales – Computer Auctions – Goods seized by the Revenue, Bailiffs, Courts…

Area Search

If you want to locate auctions in a specific area simply choose from the drop down menu and filter auctioneers by county or town

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Database

Coming soon. Every month we list all UK companies in liquidation and receivership. This category will allow anyone to search details of UK liquidations, receiverships and winding-up petitions. It will also allow you to search the Insolvency Practitioner’s database for contact details. View the insolvencies before the practitioner and get links to their websites. Get in on these sales before the goods go to auction.

Police Auction Features Also Include:

The Police Auction Business & Affiliate Opportunity

Police Auction UK traders can make a full-time living by buying and selling at auction. This was just the way some members of staff used to make money. Guides and Reports and the affiliates sections are devoted to sharing the ‘money making tactics’ and outlining how you could make a full time income at auction

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Police Auctions Insider Secrets’ keeping you informed of the very latest and upcoming sales

Listings of Online Auctions

Police Auctions Insider Secrets’ keeping you informed of the very latest and upcoming sales

We list a number of auctions that support online bidding of all categories so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to bag a bargain

Google Streetmaps

A great way to find directions to where any auction is being held. Just click the links in the event listings – and you’ll instantly have directions and even a printable map … Everything you need to arrive and park in plenty of time!

Locate ‘Secret’ Hidden Police Auction Events

Get ALL the latest insider ‘heads up’ on police repossessions, police, seizures and government clearance auctions. Find the venue details for bankrupt stock auctions and stolen recovered auctions. 

Everything Must Go Without Reserve…

Learn how to get access to the ‘secret’ auctions venues where they dispose of every type of product at often rock-bottom prices.

Now you can search our huge database of police auction catalogues and police auction venues to discover exactly what you want. We detail the times and dates of the auction and venue where goods are being disposed of.

Imagine being able to buy pallets of laptop computers or mobile phones at disposal prices or cars and property that just has to be shifted that day at whatever price can be obtained.

Your rival bidders are often trader who don’t want to pay much because they need to sell the goods on at what seems like a bargain price … but they can still make a profit. And the best thing is that anyone can attend, even YOU!

Types of Auction

Police Auctions

Stolen recovered and unclaimed items.

HMRC Customs & Excise Auctions

Confiscated goods from drug runners and tax evaders.

Liquidation & Repossession Auctions

Goods and property disposed of in these bankruptcy auctions

Government Auctions

Goods and property at insane prices

The Police Auctions UK™ website is run for bargain hunters, professionals and those just after a great deal. This is where people come when looking for quality stock or items at up to 3% of retail prices. Anything you want … whether it’s cars or motorbikes, computers or plasma TVs, branded clothes or iPads – it’s all being sold right now, somewhere in Britain.

Police auctions in the news

As Seen in Regional and National Press

We employ a team of dedicated programmers and have produced a revolutionary system that enables you to get the most up-to-date, relevant information about the very latest auction events.

Police Auctions UK™ has been publishing quality information since 1999. Although the name originally suggested we deal with Police auctions, which we do comprehensively, we now cover ALL auction categories.

Listing ONLY police auctions limited our stock and exposure and our visitors said they really weren’t bothered about the source (ie Police Auctions) of the auction stock (providing it was legal of course!) they simply wanted to find what they were looking for – so you can find anything in the database from old buildings, great investments to golf clubs, luxury yachts to a second-hand motor.

You probably hear about auction events by word-of-mouth, by seeing adverts, or even by requesting catalogues from an auctioneers.

What about the sales that aren’t widely advertised?

Our powerful, searchable database can be queried by people looking for, either something specific, or an event in a specific area, or events on particular dates.

If a you’re interested in cars, property or police auction stock they simply enter this our auction search engine. If you want to find sales in a certain area then enter the county for all sales in that area.

Auction houses across the entire country have access to their listings and up-date the details of events ensuring you get up-to-the-minute alerts

Our unique auction search engine ensures you have the
most up-to-date, reliable information possible

Auction houses can post a database catalogue of lots with a comprehensive description, and if the auctioneer has a web site then we provide a link from their listings at Police Auctions UK™.

Police Auctions UK™ site is extremely easy to navigate and simple to use. Visitors keep coming back to us because we publish sound, quality, up-to-date information… Police Auctions UK™ is fast becoming the ‘yellow Pages’ of the auction world.

No longer do you have to wait for the advert, or call auctioneers, or request a catalogue, or search the net … simply visit Police Auctions UK™.

It’s a myth that auctioneers deal in old house clearances, dodgy second hand cars, junk or expensive antiques. There are hundreds of reputable auction houses across Britain dealing in lost, stolen & recovered, bankrupt, liquidated and end of line products. These goods can be bought at a fraction of their commercial value. Often auctions are the last chance for companies to recoup some money and often the sellers could’t care less what they get.

Any revenue is a bonus especially, for example, when the Police sell off seized goods. It cost them nothing therefore they are happy with any bid.

Buying at auction can represent an
excellent opportunity to make money

Buying heavily discounted stock at a NO RESERVE auction and you’ll have the luxury of enough profit margin to sell the products on at 50% retail and still make good money.

That has to be a classic win, win situation!

Even of you’re not interested in selling the stock on why not buy up bargains for your own use? There really in no reason to pay High Street prices any more. Auctions represent a superb opportunity to save hard earned cash. Many Police Auction events are commissioned by organisations such as the police, customs and excise, local Police authorities, bailiffs, transport lost and found departments. The list is goes on but and to be candid, who cares where the goods have come from, you want bargains, right???

There a hundreds of reputable auction houses found across the length and breadth of UK that can be located by using the search facility at Police auctions UK Follow the links and you’ll have access to a comprehensive database of real time names, addresses, contacts, dates, numbers…

We have listed probably every auction house in the country and will be adding auction lots to that list on a daily basis. It is a well-distributed rumour that the public are not allowed to enter Police auctions, a myth spread by those who would wish to keep the bargains to themselves – you can hardly blame them can you?

Well good news is … You are just as welcome as anyone. Police auctions are not the realm of traders or lucky punters with insider knowledge. Your money is as good as the next persons, and the auctioneers would love to see you at their next event.

With our UNIQUE auction search engine YOU
will have the insider knowledge too!

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