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About Police Auctions

The Police Auctions Members’ Area is Your Massive, One-Stop Resource for Access to the Often Secretive World of Police Auctions

Almost Anything You Can Imagine!

At the Police Auctions UK website you’ll find the largest police auction sales database of its kind anywhere in Britain (GUARANTEED)…

Why pay retail for anything again! Read on…

Police Auctions – Ministry of Defence Agents – Car Auctions – Department of Transport Auctions – Liquidation Sales – Property Auctions – Bankrupt Stock Sales – Antique Auctions – Customs and Excise Sales – Computer Auctions – Digital and Audio Visual Equipment Auctions…

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Never pay retail prices for a thing ever again! Read on…


Here, not only will you find listings of auctioneers who deal with police auctions, government agencies and police forces across Britain, but also thousands of auctions selling just about anything you could imagine at often breathtakingly low prices.

We have inside contacts in government and local authority departments who pass information on to us.

We list the agents used to off-load government machinery, contacts for the Ministry of Defence who sold off thousands of excellent landrovers last year for next to nothing. We have access to a wealth of insider information.

We list the agents used to dispose of unwanted council houses and property, nothing wrong with it!

Councils off-load properties for many reasons and sometimes it is just a question of economics. If repairs required to a property don’t fall within specific budget guidelines then quite often the property will be sold.

At Police Auctions UK™ you will find all the information our contacts leak to us.

You will not find much this stuff anywhere else… Guaranteed.

ipod auctions

Look at these fantastic bargains.

Crazy police auction bargains on electricals. These goods are selling at auctions across the country at this very moment and this is what people are paying:

Branded designer clothes. Retail £1,500: £100
Three bed detached house Retail £130.000: £85,000
14” Remote colour TV. Choice of 11 models: £20.00
Camcorders,16 x Zoom. £49.00
28″ Nicam Teletext TV. 7 models £30
Twin speed video recorder.16 models: £130
Pentium computer systems: £290
9 Double glazing units inc bay .Retail @£6,000: £1,200
CD Mini systems. Including multi stack, from: £20
Single tape/CD portable. 32 models: £15
Microwave ovens: £10
Mitsubishi Shogun £12,500 retail: £8,495
Cordless drill.10mm chuck. Forward/Reverse:
24v DeWalt Cordless drill: £49
Branded shoes. £2,500 retail: £250
18v Cordless circular saw.138mm blade: £53
Hedge trimmer: £26
Household furniture – job lots – Retail £6,000: £450
750w Router: £28
BT and major brand cordless phones: £3
Major brand vacuum cleaners: £14
Microwave ovens: £25
Compact Discs: £1

All recent purchases

The list goes on and on and on…

Anything you want at up to 97% discount.
You are about to find out where and how to buy them!

Scattered across the length and breadth of Britain are hundreds of little known and unpublicised auctions selling a vast range of stock, property and transport often with NO RESERVE, and anyone can attend… even YOU!

These places are stacked to their roofs with goods that seem so cheap you would think that there must be a catch.

There is no catch – The prices you will be paying just everyday auction prices; prices some traders want to keep secret and we don’t blame them.

Well all that’s about to change, the whistle has been blown, you are about to get:

Real time addresses
Contacts and telephone numbers
Dates and times of upcoming sales
Inside information on who the agents are
Council and government tenders
Police and bankruptcy sales…


Yes! Police Auctions UK has the most comprehensive lists of insider information available anywhere in Britain… GUARANTEED!

We really do have contacts on the inside.

Government officers
Council employees
Civil servants
Appointed agents

We talk to the right people with the right information!

Information that you can use immediately; information that will enable YOU to join in and cash in!

The type of sale covered in Police Auctions UK™ are:

Government Surplus

Overstock stationery, ex-MOD and council vehicles, redundant hardware and school equipment, nationalised utility, service machinery etc

Police Stolen/Recovered/Seized

Sales of confiscated and stolen/recovered /unclaimed personal possessions looking for a new home. Bicycles, household items, jewellery, business equipment and, of course, a great many car radios and mobile phones.

HM Customs

Sales of seized and impounded articles from the effects of drug traffickers and racketeers, to a lost and found.


Government bodies, local authorities, receivers, executors, banks and building societies who have made repossessions, and many others besides now sell property at auction. Prices start from literally £2,000. A whole street was recently sold for a fiver! (But don’t expect to see this often!!!)

Bankruptcy & Liquidation

Sales of the sequestered stocks of companies in receivership. To pay creditors, all their stock and assets are auctioned off for whatever anyone is prepared to pay.

Private Treaty

Details from agents acting on behalf of companies and government bodies in receivership who are seeking the bulk sale of their assets on a behind-the-scenes basis, even the sale of the company itself

Plant & Machinery

Those bankruptcy agents and auctioneers who deal solely in printing or farm equipment, computers, the catering trade or just vehicles

Transport Department

Sales of lost and unclaimed property, umbrellas by the thousand, handbags, briefcases, overcoats, filofaxes, books, etc

Antiques, Furniture, Jewellery and Collectible sales

Details of all the most interesting antique, furniture, jewellery and collectible sales

Cars & Miscellaneous Vehicles

Both ex-government and official receiver sales and hundreds of specialist car auctions are covered including ex-police cars and transport


Where to pick up everything from a a laptop to a mainframe computer

General Sales

Thousands of listings with particular reference to ‘no-reserve’ auctions. Such sales include a vast array of goods,from washing machines to carpets,and from non-perishable food to books

Produce & Livestock

From bedding plants to bulls, and from sweetcorn to steak

Remember! Police Auctions UK™ lists probably every auction house in the country and we specialise in NO RESERVE sales too!

These sales are rarely advertised! The goods are sold for exactly what anyone is prepared to pay!


Stock sold at these venues is entered for a quick sale.The person or organisation that entered them will require them gone, and they go for the highest bid on the day, regardless of what it is!

So if there ’s only you and five others there you’ll be leaving with a great bargain and a huge smile!

Auctions are used by:

Custom & Excise
Tax Collectors
Department of Defense
and many other organisations…

These sales are going on around Britain NOW!
as you’re reading this

They are bargain hunters paradise, selling everything you could imagine at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

Here at the Police Auctions UK™ website is your opportunity to discover where and when these sales happen. You will even discover how to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

Find out how you can attend and join in Bargain Heaven!

Police Auction UK™ website has found to be an invaluable companion to:

Companies large and small
Private individuals
Importers and exporters… the list goes on and on!

Once you have registered you will get access to probably…
the hottest real-time money making opportunity available anywhere!

You will find where auctions are held
How to bid
What to buy and what not to buy
How to get auction lists and catalogues
How to view the goods before you bid
Where and how to sell the goods once you have made a successful bid.

You will find masses of information you can use today.

You will find real-time names and addresses for auctions, tenders and agents. Using our unique search facilities you can track down sales from those happening in your local area to every auction going on across the country.

Whatever it is your looking for simply type it in and Bingo… A list of sales selling it!

If you need to find out about sales in your district simply use the menu for your town or county of interest and Hey Presto… A list of all the sales happening in your town!

And there’s more!

You will find loads of excellent ideas on how to sell stock once acquired. You will find information that will ensure that you never have to pay retail prices for anything, ever in your life again!

Join now and happy hunting!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Police Auctions UK™ it’s not being sold at auction in Britain… Guaranteed.

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Small Example of UK Police Auctions Details


Scottish Forces
Force Name

Grampian Police

Items from Police Lost & Found Property.

The ANM Group Ltd, Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5XZ. Scotland
Telephone +44 (0) 1467 623700 http://www.goanm.co.uk/ Email:enquiries@goanm.co.uk

Tayside Police

Items from Police Lost & Found Property.

Curr & Dewar Auction Rooms, Ward Road, Dundee. DD1 1LX. 01382 224185. Email:derek@curranddewar-auction.totalserve.co.uk
English Forces
Force Name

Avon and Somerset Police

Electrical and household goods, tools, gardening equipment and pedal cycles.

Greenslade, Taylor & Hunt, Magdalene House, Magdalene Street, Taunton. Somerset.
TA1 1SB.
Phone: 01823 332525
. Fax: 01823 353120
Email: fine.art@gth.net

Cambridgeshire Police

General property and effects.

Ramsay Auction Rooms, Units 9 & 10, The Northern Mill, Field Road, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire,
PE26 1AJ.
Tel: 01487 710104
Fax: 01487 711833.
E-mail: cambsauctions@yahoo.com

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

Online UK Police Property Disposal site.

Merseyside Police

Electrical and household goods, tools, gardening equipment and pedal cycles.
Hartleys, 12-14 Moss Street,
Low Hill, Liverpool. L6 1HF.

Surrey Police

Online UK Police Property Disposal site.

Warwickshire Police

Mountain, ladies and childrens cycles in a variety of sizes, jewellery, watches, prams, CDs, DVDs and videos.
Philip Brothers Auction House, The Sale Room, Bearley Road Snitterfield Stratford-on-avon Warwickshire CV37 0EZ
Tel: 01789 731114
Fax: 01789 731114

West Midlands Police

Electrical and household goods, tools, gardening equipment and pedal cycles.

Biddle & Webb
Ladywood Middleway,
Birmingham. B16 OPP.
Tel: 0121 4558042

Police Car Auctions